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Unique job for AZ and CA experienced pediatricians

Profession Specialty City State Position ID
Physician Pediatrics La Jolla CA 165323
Job Description

Center Point Medicine (CPM) Franchise Group, Inc. has a unique opportunity for experienced pediatricians in California and Arizona.

The franchise group is launching a strong foundation to improve the well-being of the nation through provision of hypnosis and counseling in a medical setting as an important treatment option.

Opportunity Description:

  • Opportunity exists for pediatrician candidates to become part of a franchise group
  • Ability to participate in “areas/territories” for outpatient locations in the state of California
  • Knowledgeable staff available for successful start-up, including marketing, operations, technology, and back office support
  • Continued support through initial roll-out and building referrals in “areas/territories”
  • Meet demands of children needing counseling and mental health support as part of regular pediatric practices
  • Proven outcomes by CPM physician over 20 years
Ideal Franchisee Candidate Description:
  • Open to convert 70% of private pediatric practice to CPM model
  • Entrepreneur who is motivated to make mental health more accessible to children
  • Business will thrive when pediatric candidates focus on strengths and have qualified specialists to support everything else
  • Licensed to practice medicine in desired territory
  • Experienced pediatrician open to committing to the process included in the franchise opportunity (hypnosis and counseling
  • New franchisees receive comprehensive training
  • Incorporated hypnosis and counseling into pediatric practices making more patients able to receive mental health services as part of overall treatment
  • Better awareness/exposure to alternative methods of treatment to a volatile patient population
  • Team approach between providers, clinicians, individual families
  • Provide a standard, consistent treatment without the use of drugs
Outpatient Clinics:
  • Ability to select area of interest, location based on first come, first served as franchisee
  • Need between 700-1,500 square feet for special area in current/new office areas
To learn more about this franchise opportunity, please contact:

Cindy Stokes
314-236-4517 Phone & text

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