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Home Health Aide

Profession Specialty City State Position ID
Nursing Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Philadelphia PA 167116
Job Description

Home Health Aide - InnovAge 

The Home Health Aide provides assistance with personal care and activities of daily living to patients in their homes or in a residential care facility. Physical attendance at an InnovAge facility and/or an InnovAge participant home is essential to performing the job duties.

Essential Functions and Work Responsibilities

  • Functional Category: Client/Participant Care
  • Estimated Percent of time Spent – 100%
  • Provides all care directly under the supervision and written instruction of a Registered Nurse and /or therapist.
  • Follows in detail, all directions and services as set forth on the Home Health Aide Care Plan established by a Registered Nurse and/or therapist; provides only services set forth in the Care Plan.
  • Provides assistance with personal care, bathing, dressing, grooming to patients in their home or in a residential facility.
  • Provides assistance with activities of daily living and light housekeeping to participants/residents in their home or in a residential care facility.
  • Checks and records patients’ pulse, temperature, respiration, and blood pressure as ordered by nurse and/or therapist.
  • Duties shall include assistance with self-administration of medications. Home Health Aides NEVER administer medications of any type—prescription or over the counter (OTC).
  • Directs patients in simple prescribed exercises and in the use of braces or artificial limbs under supervision of nurse or therapist.
  • Prepares and services and assists with feeding light meals for patient adhering to patient’s prescribed diet.
  • Accurately completes record of patient care, condition and problems on the agency documentation records and submits documentation to agency office weekly.
  • Reports all changes in patient’s condition to nurse, therapist or Home Health Agency Director or designee and records this on appropriate agency paperwork.
  • Provides patients with help moving in and out of beds, baths, wheelchairs or automobiles (or any transportation vehicle).
  • Accompanies clients to doctors’ offices and on other trips outside the home, providing transportation, assistance and companionship.
  • Converses with, or reads aloud to patients to keep them mentally healthy and alert.
  • Adheres to care schedule as assigned by Home Care Support Manager or designee and communicates all changes to supervisor.
  • Wears an agency-issued identification badge whenever providing Home Health Aide services.
  • Attends 12 hours of in-service per year as required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • Must work the days and hours necessary to perform all assigned responsibilities and tasks. Must be available (especially during regular business hours or shifts) to communicate with supervisors, customers, vendors and any other person or organization with whom interaction is required to accomplish work and employer goals.
  • Must be punctual and timely in meeting all requirements of performance, including, but not limited to, attendance standards and work deadlines; beginning and ending assignments on time; and scheduled work breaks, where applicable.
  • Must maintain courteous, professional and effective working relationships with employees at all levels of the organization.
  • Must develop and maintain courteous and effective working relationships with clients, vendors and/or any other representatives of external organizations.
  • Must assume responsibility for providing timely, appropriate responses to requests/suggestions/complaints or refer such comments to the appropriate person. When referring requests/suggestions/complaints to another individual, the employee must follow-up in writing to the individual a

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