Respiratory Therapist (RRT)

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Allied Health Respiratory Therapist Miami FL 171835
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This position is located in Miami, FL

Position Summary:
Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) performs all respiratory care related duties in their assigned area(s). Work is typically performed under the supervision of a department head or director; guided by general administrative policies and procedures. Therapists are expected to be self directed in the absence of the full-time Team Leader and may take charge or lead worker duties when needed. All medical job activities may be performed independently, under direction of an attending physician or CMO.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Sets up, assesses and monitors patients on ventilator or oxygenation support. Assists in the orientation, training and education of new respiratory care staff. Obtains and analyzes arterial, pulmonary artery, venous or capillary blood samples for blood gas determinations when approved, and ordered. (if applicable at assigned specific institution). Participates in interdepartmental and intradepartmental Quality Assessment and Improvement activities to ensure continuous improvement of services provided. Administers aerosolized medications via small volume nebulizer, metered dose inhaler, or intermittent positive pressure breathing machine. Administers bronchial hygiene therapy via percussion & vibration, postural drainage, coughing, suctioning, and PEP mask therapy. Communicates openly and freely with physician and nursing staff to maintain or improve the quality of processes or outcome. Documents completely and accurately data obtained from assessment and monitoring of patients, equipment, and alarm settings. Continuously updates knowledge, skills, and competency consistent with the needs of the patient population as well as advances in science and technology. Monitors respiratory care practices in his/her area, and notifies a supervisor of any deviations. Performs hemodynamic monitoring in areas, once trained, where therapists are authorized to do so (if applicable at assigned specific institution). Performs pulmonary monitoring in areas, once trained, where therapists are authorized to do so. Operates electrocardiography equipment throughout the hospital using techniques and styles appropriate to the age and safety needs of the patient population served (if applicable at specific institution. Demonstrates knowledge and skills necessary to provide safe cardio logical testing procedures that are appropriate to the age and safety needs of the patient population served (if applicable at specific institution. Prepares suitable electrocardiograms for timely interpretation by physicians (if applicable at specific institution. Verifies the safety and performance of equipment to be used for patient testing, and verifies preventive maintenance status, prior to use. Records all patients visits and tests performed in appropriate format, either manual or electronic. Follows organization wide and unit specific age-specific, safety security and infection control Standards. Attends appropriate orientation and training courses to maintain competency in job skills and knowledge. Participates in required educational programs, including HIS, Safety, Infection Control, AIDS Awareness, age-related special needs and behaviors, Blood borne Pathogen Exposure Control, etc. Respects the rights, privacy and property of others at all times including the confidentiality of information, according to Administrative Policy and Procedure Manual. Relates and interacts well with others relative to their age specific, physical and psychosocial needs. Participates in quality improvement activities to insure continuous improvement of services provided. Follows and performs all related unit specific policies and procedures, as detailed on the unit specific competency check-list. Utilizes job and unit specific equipment as required. De

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