How a Healthcare Staffing Agency Can Enhance Your Entire Career

How a Healthcare Staffing Agency Can Enhance Your Entire Career
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November 09, 2023 06:34 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Whether you’re a physician, nurse, advanced practitioner, allied health professional, or non-clinical team member, a full-service healthcare staffing agency can help you at every stage of your career.

As you establish your long-term career goals, consider making a healthcare staffing recruiter part of your strategic plan. Building an enduring partnership with a full-service staffing company you trust can benefit each stage of your medical career, from graduation or residency through retirement. You’ll be able to develop lasting relationships with a team of professionals who deeply understand the healthcare workforce, have strong connections with leading facilities nationwide, and work hard to keep your wants, needs, passions and interests in mind.

Here's how an experienced, established agency that specializes in finding opportunities for healthcare employees and solutions for employers can help you throughout your career.

After graduation or residency…

As you begin your career, you’ll still be immersed in the learning curve. You’ll be picking up tips from colleagues, absorbing research, methods and procedures and actively applying what you’ve studied to patient encounters. At this stage, you’ll be growing accustomed to the day-to-day challenges of treatment and care delivery.

You might be learning about different practice environments: fast-paced, high-volume, high-acuity settings versus calmer, lower-acuity workload with fewer patients. You may still be discovering whether want to work with infants, children, teens, adults, seniors or all of the above. You might want to care for underserved patients in rural or urban settings, Veterans at the VA, or indigenous people on reservations. You may even have questions about where you want to live in the US.

While you’ll have much to discover about your preferences at this stage of your career, you will also have a world of opportunities! A staffing company with various solutions can help you explore your options and find your footing.

A staffing agency can help you:

  • Find a schedule and hours that fit your lifestyle
  • Locate opportunities in different cities or regions across the nation
  • Explore various work settings, including hospitals, urgent care, private practice, ambulatory care, home health, telehealth, or other specialized settings
  • Select opportunities caring for various patient populations
  • Find innovative, leading institutions with programs aligned with your interests
  • Give resume or CV feedback and advice
  • Help you explore your long-term career goals
  • Negotiate for compensation on your behalf
  • Connect you with options, including permanent placement, travel jobs, locum tenens, locum to perm, per diem, etc.

Midway through your career…

Once you’ve established yourself in your field, your focus will likely shift. You’ll have a solid foundation and definite opinions about your preferences. You may be engaged in research and publishing papers to contribute to your specialty and the body of knowledge. You’ll probably have built your reputation among patients, colleagues and supervisors. You may have memberships in professional organizations, and you may be involved or interested in leadership roles. At this stage, you may be eager to increase your earnings so you can build wealth and meet your personal goals.

A staffing agency with extensive connections can help. As you reach the midpoint of your career, a recruiter can help you find mid-level roles, leadership roles, or higher-paying jobs so you can:

  • Earn extra income and pay off med school or college loans
  • Build your nest egg so you can retire early
  • Save up for kids’ college tuition
  • Buy or build your dream home
  • Finance your own practice
  • Become a leader in your field
  • Pursue clinical interests

Toward retirement and beyond…

As you approach retirement you may start to ponder the legacy you’ll leave behind. Will you be driven to serve as a mentor for the next generation, become a benefactor or decide to teach? Do you want to start reducing your work hours? Many providers love practicing medicine so much they don’t want to leave entirely. The great news is at this stage, you don’t have to. You can be in partial retirement.

As you wind up your career, a staffing company with extensive options can help you transition toward retirement. For example, a recruiter can help you switch from permanent work to part- time or locums, so you’ll be able to:

  • Fill in for other healthcare employees who need a break
  • Help out facilities facing physician shortages
  • Be ready to help emergency departments or urgent cares during patient surges
  • Ensure underserved patients in remote areas have access to care
  • Offer virtual services via telemedicine
  • Participate in health screenings during community events like health fairs
  • Serve in academic settings or advisory roles

At Cross Country Search, we’re devoted to helping clinical and non-clinical employees at all stages of their careers. We’re here to match you with the right employer and help you have the best possible career experience, from graduation through retirement.

Contact us and begin a rewarding career journey with Cross Country Search.

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